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Download the app, fill in your details and get your account verified. Then, start trading in one easy click.

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Trade safe with a regulated broker that guarantees the security and segregation of your funds.

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The app provides you with an opportunity to access the financial markets from anywhere

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Join other traders from around the world who are already enjoying the benefits of the cubetrader app.

About Platform


The trading app is very easy and simple to navigate. It is a hassle-free experience for traders who do not have a lot of trading experience.

Real-Time Profit/Loss

Instantaneous results. Once you have decided on the position, buy or sell, you will immediately see the bubble in the middle of the screen, which will monitor your actual profit/loss.

Lower Risk

Choose the amount of money you would like to risk per point for each position, which will clearly define your profit and loss. Keeping you informed at all times, leave the guessing to others.

Time Duration

Choose the product you would like to trade, then select the trade duration starting from 5-minute interval to a maximum of 60-minute intervals for the trade.

Extensive Selection of Instruments

Cube Trader offers you a variety of instruments / most traded by clients, even the most meticulous and seasoned professional will appreciate the options.

Sound and Graphic Effects

The innovative graphic and sound features make the Cube Trader app particularly inviting to use and very pleasing to all traders.


CubeTrader prides itself in making trading easy and accessible. we constantly remind ourselves on the importance to provide our clients a wide choice of instruments in a clear and precise manner, ‘keeping it simple’ which would still satisfy the needs of the most meticulous traders.

CubeTrader offers an array of instruments from Forex, Commodities and Indices, with fantastic trading conditions and an innovative, yet very user-friendly interface.

How it Works

Watch our introduction video and see how the app works, Download it now and get it started.


CubeTrader is the brand name of 4XC, an authorised and regulated company. Geomatrix Ltd is registered and regulated in the Cook Islands with number ICA 12767/2018 and licensed by the FSC (Financial Supervisory Commission) with Money-Changing License number MC03/2018 (license applies only to Forex Products). 4XC has been operating since 2018.

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The unique CubeTrader offers an array of instruments from Forex, Commodities and Indices, it has been designed
to be ultra easily accessible and perfect for beginner traders!